How to Make Him Desire You

The man of your dreams is in front of you but you don’t know how to make him desire you.  You are willing to take every step that will cause him to reciprocate the feelings. But it seems to be a huge undertaking that is not your cup of tea. Cheer up, this piece of writing will guide you how men fall in love, helping you attract and keep your man. So, get ready to set on the journey with this relationship advice for women to fascinate and watch him falling in love with you with the steps elaborated here.

How to make him desire you

1. Use Body Language

Give him subtle cues with your body language

More often than not, physical attraction is one of the important ways to make a man fall in love. It helps in instigating conversation between two people. Before uttering a word to him, use your body language to send across subtle, non-verbal clues and signal your interest in him.

2. Mimic Him

Mimic him to attract him

It is proven that similarity between two people plays a significant role in attracting them to each other. We tend to like people with whom we have much in common. When you meet him, mirror his gestures and movements that implies your interest in him. Make sure that you do so at the correct time. If he shakes his leg to music, within a few seconds put on earphones and mimic him. Copying him increases the chances to make him fall for you.

3. Keep Him Close

Stay close to him

Men like familiarity. So, if you like someone, make sure he sees you more often. The fact is the more you see someone you like, the more attracted you become. If he sees you every now and then but suddenly you disappear, he will miss you. This manifolds the chances to make him want you bad. The idea behind the attraction theory of proximity is to keep him close or vice versa.

4. Spill the Beans

Let him know about you

Reveal things about yourself to enhance your attraction as self-disclosure is an integral part of intimacy and acts as a catalyst to make him fall in love. If you share secrets with him, he would feel trustworthy and be willing to strike a relationship. But don’t reveal too much too soon as it could push him away.

5. Team Up for Activities

Go for adventure activities with him

Adrenaline rush has great power. With this rush, you feel excited that generates attraction. Even if your relationship has taken a back seat, get his adrenaline pumping to make him fall in love again. You will experience that the same arousal levels make you more attractive to each other.

6. Stay Happy

Be happy always to make him fall in love with you

To make a man fall in love with you, stop trying to lure him and be comfortable with doing things that make you happy. Men find such women attractive and interesting. So, be yourself and do what makes you happy.

7. Be Yourself

Be yourself to make a man fall in love

When trying to make a man fall in love with you, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be different than what you actually are while trying to make a man like you. While trying to be someone else, you are indicating that you are not happy with your true self. Men easily notice this flaw and turn disinterested.

8. Maintain Lovely Looks

Ways to make him want you include your lovely looks

Be careful about your appearance as an appealing one pleases a man and gets him interested. Choose your dressing style as per the occasion and be wary of your looks, wherever you are going. Who knows, where you would bump into him. A good appearance is one of the most important ways to make him want you.

9. Listen to Him

To make a man want you, listen carefully to him

In the process of trying to make a man want you and fall for you, listening to what he says is important. As most of the women chatter incessantly to cope up with the nervousness, it mars the chances to get the dream man. Everyone likes to be listened to their potential partner. So, your constant chatter will disappoint him and lower your chances to make him fall in love with you.

10. Be Confident

To make him love you, be confident

If you want to make him fall in love with you, be confident as it will draw him to you. Your confidence will make him approach you without any sense of rejection. Also, you need to appear self-assured and show that you like yourself as it will enhance the chances of him liking you. Let the shine of your beautiful persona reflect and be confident that you are worthy of being loved.

Above all, remember that men like women who are disciplined and don’t pushover. Be mature, have patience, and respect him, the way you want him to respect you. In order to make him love you, allow him to invest some efforts and make advances towards you. If you will be the only one chasing and trying, he might see you as desperate. As men like chasing, let him chase you. Your qualities will help make him want you. Once he realizes his feelings for you, he will certainly be proactive to get you. So, put these tips into practice and your dream man will fall for you for sure. Just keep your fingers crossed!